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As advertised, almost all of our services are complimentary to you except in the following cases;

Airline Tickets

  • You just want us to research and provide an airline ticket and nothing else. If you book a ticket as part of a package, there is no additional fee for that. Generally, this is not a service you would even need from us but, some folks don’t like dealing with any issues that arise like missed flights and re-routing when things go awry. For those who prefer no personal hassle, having a travel agent can pay off in spades.

Intent to Travel

When you engage us to help you, you will put down an Intent To Travel deposit. Depending on the nuances of your plans, that deposit can range anywhere from $100 and up. We always quote you an exact price and we are very upfront with you. 

Generally, once your plans are finalized, we apply your non-fundable deposit to the price of your vacation “package”. In this case there would be no extra fee at all to you and our services will have been at no charge to you. If you decide to not go and do not complete applicable deposits and fees, this reverts to a simple non-refundable Planning Fee.

If for whatever reason, you need to cancel your entire trip after deposits— and you have NOT purchased travel insurance, we will retain the initial deposit for services rendered and work with vendors and suppliers to refund deposit per their policies. 

We always give you this price of any fees and/or depsoits in our upfront proposal to you. 

Retaining the fee covers our time spent researching,  making arrangments, and finally the cancellations on your behalf. If you purchased travel insurance that covers you and you will not be out anything—and you will have saved yourself time and money. We will work with the insurance company on your behalf.

Special Cirumstances

Sometimes, the best options for you are using completely independent local entreprenuers and properties. Generally, these are vendors that do not pay us a commission, which is how we are paid.

We do not like to leave local business out of our offerings because we encourage it. If we book a completely independent trip for you using none of our travel partners whom pay a commission, we would charge a fee for our services. Generally this is between $150 and $500 depending on the complexity. We also provide you with a proposal or quote before doing anything, and you can accept it or not, there is no obligation.

You might be asking if it would still make sense to use a travel agent and the answer there is yes! You still want us to have you back and generally our services save you money elsewhere to make up for any perceived cost to hire hire us. We might have special deals and/or perks you could not otherwise get on your own.

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