aerial view of mountain landscape and river in Afghanistan with snow caps in background

Silly question these days, right? We think that you should not go and for the time being and consider Tajikistan instead. Having that out of the way—surprisingly, Afghanistan does receive some tourism. Not surprising is why people would find themselves curious about this country.  While most visitors to Afghanistan are going to visit family or have work-related […]

Socotra Archipelago

desert landscape with brush on island

The Socotra Archipelago are a group of four islands and three small islets about 250 miles off the coast of Yemen which they are politically a part of, though they are geographically part of the African continent and are actually closer to Djibouti than to mainland Yemen. Of the islands, Socotra is the largest and […]


There are countless reasons why Peru could be the perfect place for your next vacation. If the stunning landscapes ranging from arid coastal deserts to the thriving rainforests of the Amazon—with the majestic Andes in between aren’t enough to get you packing, throw in the 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites, a thriving culture, and an intriguing […]