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Carnival in Luanda
Though Carnival is celebrated throughout Angola, by far, the largest celebration is in the capital city of Luanda. For adventerous travelers, there is no better way to experience the culture of a place than going to an event like this. Parades, music and dance performances, and all of the incredibly colorful and traditional costumes are the highlights of the festivities. Food and beverage stalls will be plentiful and have an amazing sampling of the local fare. A traditional and annual event, Carnival begins on the evening of last Thursday of the Lenten season, with festivities going until the final day on Shrove Tuesday which also a  national public holiday in Angola. This would be the best day to attend and in 2021, this falls on February 16th. There is also a children’s parade an they also compete. Group of revelers in colorful traditional costumes   Revelers celebrate with as much fervor as some of the more well known Carnivals in places like Río de Janeiro, New Orleans, and Trinidad— and with the added twist of a political aspect to the activities. A theme is chosen each year and performing participants are divided into about groups, each with a King and Queen. The groups will compete for prizes in the music and dance competitions with all hoping for the top cash prize. All of this takes place in the streets and through Nova Marginal Avenue along Angola’s coast. When we say “adventurous” that is because Carnival in Luanda is a very Angolan experience, and not so much on the radar for tourists to plan a trip around. Still, if going to Angola during this time, you might try your luck because this country is poised to experience a considerable growth in tourism. Check out our destination page for more details on traveling in Angola.

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Start Date

February 11, 2021

End Date

February 16, 2021


3 Days

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